Faculty Union Office Hours

Join us to learn more about what benefits are available to you via our Collective Bargaining Agreement!

Thursday, May 18
Ryder 299

Monday, May 22
Ryder 299

Drop in at any time!

Can’t make our Office Hours, but still have questions about upcoming raises, professional development funding, or eligibility for more stable assignments? Email one of your stewards below!


  • Anne Fleche (ashleyfleche@rcn.com)
  • Jason Polins (japolins@gmail.com)


  • Elliot Chikofsky (elliot@pathbridge.net)


  • Melissa Wolter-Gustafson (m.woltergustafson@gmail.com)


  • Jessica D’Atri (jfdatri@gmail.com)
  • Haley Malm (haley.malm@gmail.com)
  • Elliot Chikofsky – (elliot@pathbridge.net)
  • Annabel Dodd (adodd@doddontheline.com)

A year ago, NEU Adjuncts were ready to strike!

In January of 2016, Northeastern adjuncts and allies would have gone on strike, if we had not reached an agreement with an administration hoping to avoid the walkout.

Student Allies Raise Awareness of Adjunct Working Conditions

We have made considerable progress since winning our contract. Your membership allows us to continue to make progress, to become a member click here!

Thanks to our contract:

  • Every adjunct at Northeastern received a raise on July 1.
  • We have eight volunteer stewards who work diligently to be sure the contract is enforced in good faith. They are our first point of contact if we have questions about the contract or believe our rights have been violated (see contact info at the end of this email).
  • These stewards have helped file three grievances, with several other possible grievances in the pipeline.
  • We have $25,000 worth of Professional Development funds, some of which is still available!
  • If you plan to go to a conference, subscribe to a professional journal, etc, why not have Northeastern pay for it? Apply for professional development funds from your department or program’s administration. When you submit an application, please cc your union steward, so we can ensure that your application is being considered and awarded in a timely manner.

A year after reaching our contract agreement, we want to take a moment to celebrate the strength we have gained together, and the work we still have ahead of us.

You can help. We are striving to build a stronger union at Northeastern. The first step is becoming a member, if you aren’t already! Click here to do so.

If you want to know more about your contract, or help us grow our membership by reaching out to colleagues:

Come to our “Union Office Hours” 12-1pm on Monday, January 30 and Tuesday, January 31.


Contact a steward directly to see how you can contribute. This could be anything from taking a half hour to send a few emails, to becoming a steward yourself.


Again, your membership allows us to keep making progress, so join now by clicking here!